Will the content have a watermark?

Nope! Every downloadable item comes without the watermark.

How will I get my download?

When you purchase a digital product, there will be a confirmation screen with the links at the bottom. You will also be sent immediately an email with links to your purchases. You will have 24 hours to download the product before the link expires.


Videos are mp4 files and can be included in your slide presentations or inserted into your editing programs to add music, graphics, or more.


Photographs come as optimized high-resolution .jpg files and can be cropped or modified to suite your needs.

If you purchase a series it will a .zip file.

Oh no. I missed the download.

Don’t worry! If you miss the 24 hour download window, email me at hello@christiancinematics.com. I’ll make sure you get your purchase.

The file I received wasn’t the right one.

Sorry! I’m a fallible human but I will get you the right file asap. Contact me at hello@christiancinematics.

What are your prices?

Photos are $10 and video is $25. Series (collections of photos and/or videos) vary depending on content. No credits, no subscription costs, just purchase the stock you need for your current project.

What can I do with these products?

You do not need to credit Christian Cinematics for most usages. Please read the Terms of Use page for more details.

Do you take custom orders?

Absolutely. Sometimes you just can’t find what you need, it can be tricky to encapsulate concepts. Whether you’re looking for something specific or you have a topic but aren’t sure what to use, I’d love to hear from you!